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Thread: HELP!! Windows Netscape ASP caching issue

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    I run a stock site where people submit stock entries into their portfolio.<BR>I am using ASP in addition to MS Access on the back end for the database.<BR>The main page contains the listing of the stocks that are dymanically<BR>generated by the asp which makes a call into the database.<BR>You can then click on a link which goes to the add stock page where<BR>you enter a new stock symbol. After clicking continue, you go to another<BR>page which makes the insertion into the database and redirects you back <BR>to the main asp page.<BR><BR>Once you are back to the main page the new symbol will not appear unless<BR>you manually reload the page. It seems as if netscape is pulling the most<BR>previous page from cache or something. <BR><BR>It works fine on IE, and mac netscape, but not windows netscape.<BR><BR>here is the IP of the test site:<BR><BR>PLEASE PLEASE HELP!<BR><BR>Scott Smith

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    Have you tried expiring the page yesterday? That way, it will always be expired, and the browser should go get a new copy.

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