HELP!! Netscape non-reloading issue with asp pages

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Thread: HELP!! Netscape non-reloading issue with asp pages

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    I run a stock site where people submit stock entries into their portfolio. I am using ASP in addition to MS Access on the back end for the database.<BR><BR>The main page contains the listing of the stocks that are dymanically generated by the asp which makes a call into the database.<BR><BR>You can then click on a link which goes to the add stock page where you enter a new stock symbol. After clicking continue, you go to another page which makes the insertion into the database and redirects you back to the main asp page.<BR><BR>Once you are back to the main page the new symbol will not appear unless you manually reload the page. It seems as if netscape is pulling the most previous page from cache or something. <BR><BR>It works fine on IE, and mac netscape, but not windows netscape.<BR><BR>here is the IP of the test site:<BR><BR>PLEASE PLEASE HELP!<BR><BR>Scott Smith<BR><BR>

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    Scott,<BR><BR>Try one of the following toward the top of your ASP before your HTML:<BR><BR>Response.ExpiresAbsolute = Now() - 1<BR>OR<BR>Response.ExpiresAbsolute = #01/01/99 00:00:00#<BR><BR>Enjoy,<BR>Randy

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