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    i am writing a app that will need to upload files.<BR>it is an intranet so my question is should i just use an ftp application as its all behind my filewall to shove the files across or should i use an uploader? and why<BR><BR>thanks as i am new to this

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    Default FTP if possible.

    You don&#039;t have to handle the binary data coming up... You don&#039;t have to worry about permissions to save it... You don&#039;t have to worry about large files causing script timeouts...<BR><BR>However, saying that... You have much more control over the system if you do all the file handling yourself. What if they have FTP access and nuke your site?!<BR><BR>Assuming you can give them FTP access to just the small area where they would upload files (and not get your code), then stick with FTP. It was INVENTED for transfering files. Unlike HTTP.<BR><BR>Craig.

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