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    im novice to .net. Plz explain me <BR>1. what is the difference between writing runat="server" in controls like text box and doing validation in server side scripting. if possible give me an example. <BR><BR>2. first of all what is this runat="server" will do in controls. using controls, if each and every validation is performed in server side then the system process will be made slow right<BR><BR>thanx in advance for ur help.<BR><BR>Murali.<BR>

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    I&#039;m not sure at all, but I think that we use runat="server" because is just in the server where the frameworks can understand the objects like &#060;asp:datagrid&#062; ...<BR><BR>Aniway you must use always the runat="server" argument with controls.<BR><BR>Salvador Gallego.

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