Installing CDOMail on NT4/IIS4

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Thread: Installing CDOMail on NT4/IIS4

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    Default Installing CDOMail on NT4/IIS4

    Okay, now for the reason I came here!<BR><BR>Anyone know how to get this CDOMail working? If you have ever successfully done it, let me know, and if time has gone by, you can call me for help, becuase I am going to knock on every door until I get it figured out myself!<BR><BR>

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    Hi mark,<BR><BR>I am also working on CDONTS library.I succeded sending once to hotmail serverfrom my server.I dont have my mail server installed.Now we are planning to install the mail server.And I am incharge to setup the mail server and total user creation,deletion,messaging system etc.<BR>I tried this but can&#039t transfer the mails in my own local server.It keeps on waiting to be transfered in pickup directory itself.<BR>So if you have succeeded till now then please mail me <BR>I have to finishing this within a week.<BR>So, I need your help.<BR><BR>Bye <BR>Niran<BR>

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