This is a duplicate of "Cacheing an include," but no one responded to that one so I am trying it again. Maybe I posted at a bad time? If you need to see code, refer to the first thread. Here are my questions.<BR><BR>1. If I include an include file on every page of my site, doesn&#039;t it make sense to cache it? Wouldn&#039;t that be faster? If so, how should it be done? Should I just store all the code in the include file in cache, or store the inclusion of the include file...probably the code??? <BR><BR>2. My second question is more simple. Is it better to cache on the client with Response.Expires, or on the server like I have been doing? Besides including the code I inserted above to cache an ENTIRE page, the other cacheing method I have been using is to simply cache commonly accessed data from the database into an application variable, which works great as well. <BR><BR><BR>Thanks! <BR>