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    I could have sworn back in the day, IE 4.x, there was a way to get the browsers own "find" window to pop up. Basically as I recall I&#039;d &#060;a href=""&#062;Find&#060;/a&#062; and make the link fire off the browsers "find" window. Is that functionality gone or am I thinking NS 4.x? Anyone know how to get "find within page" functionality to work - other than putting text on the page that says "To do a Search / Find within the page press &#039;Crtl + F&#039;".<BR><BR>XOXOX<BR>Rachel

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    IIRC, it was window.find(); but I think it was NN4, not IE4.<BR><BR>a DOM compliant browser could walk the page structure for you, but it&#039;s not a fully practicable option as yet, IMO.

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