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    My DBA has asked me to find a couple of answers before using Data Shaping in a project...<BR><BR>1. Where does the shaping actually occur? Does the SQL server shape the data, or is it done on the client?<BR><BR>2. In a basic Parent:Child situation, how many DB calls are made? Is it just two (one for parent, one for child), or is the Child queried for each and every instance of the parent?<BR><BR>3. Does anybody have experience with the amount of CPU load Data Shaping uses compared to a standard recordset?

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    1. ADO handles it<BR>2. good question. I&#039;d need to check, but I think it&#039;s just the two calls, then a chunk of ADO processing<BR>3. bit of an imponderable really. define &#039;standard&#039; recordset, then define &#039;standard&#039; data-shaping. it takes more, sure, but it does a different thing.

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