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    I am currently working on revising an online version of a college newspaper, and I am trying to decide how I want to manage the articles. Right now they have almost 10,000 old articles in html. Would it be a better idea to store the entire article text in a SQL DB or keep the articles in seperate text files? Keeping them in files would get rid of all text formatting issues I would have when trying to put them into the db, but I also need to be able to search and constantly access all of the articles, and I&#039m thinking that opening and searching over 10,000 text files for a string would not be the best idea. I can think of several ways to do it, but since I am kind of new to asp and this web site needs to be easily updated and changed by anyone (since people come and go quite frequently here), I want to make sure I do it the best way in terms of efficiency and ease of use.<BR>Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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    Because of the search issue it is necessary to either find a site indexer that will index all of your pages, put the keywords into a database and provide an article name (these do exist but they are a bit difficult to find) or put them in the database. Putting them into the database will certainly not be fun and I hope you could hire a hoard of starving students to get that done. A search through a database that large (not 10,000 records but the number of words in each record) will not be spectarlurly speedy and it is hard to rank the results as well. A database does provide so advantages that you would not get otherwise, like the ability to change the look of all your articles by changing one page. Also that will allow for a web interface that would allow people to edit there entries, submit them for review and more. Either way it is a tough call. Perhaps the best way is to keep them in files and index them with the indexer for now, but if you are looking for something that will certainly provide more interaction in the future, the database is the way to go. Anyway, good luck.<BR><BR>BTW...You can edit text files online but any formating would have to be done in html. With a database you could have a field for the title and more so that they would automatically be formatted.<BR><BR>Brandon

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