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    Default style sheets and IE4

    I created a style sheet that works perfect for IE5, but when I open the page in IE4 the page is messed up.<BR><BR>I have a javascript function that uses CSS to open a dynamic menu for users to choose locations to go. In IE5 the page works perfect. the menu opens underneath the link and everything is perfect. However, in IE4 the menu opens up at the other side of the browser, not under the lnik. How can IE4 and IE5 be so different??<BR><BR>Please tell me what I&#039;m doing wrong.

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    Default Welcome to Web Development

    Where no two browsers show the same thing.<BR><BR>Style sheets are really tough to look great across all browsers... search Google for some gotchas with that. I once downloaded 19 pages of bugs just between IE and NN.

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