Thank you in advance firstly. I have a SQL 7 server that does a regular dts import from an Access 2000 database nightly. Today, we recieved an error on one of our tables (first time this has happened) and it refused to import the table. When I tried to force it to do a dts, I recieved the following error message <BR>"Error during Transformation Direct Copy X for row 73305. Errors encountered so far in this task: 1<BR>General conversion failure on column pair 89 (source column "Date"(DBTYPE_date), destination column Date(DBTYPE_DBTIMESTAMP). <BR><BR>The source column for date is a datetime type according to the properties, not a timestamp. How do I fix this because I get this error when I am in the 70 thousands when I import the data..then it just stops because of the error. The access database has been repaired and such and that record is like any other..if I delete it I just get it on the next record. Please help!