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    I have a form with a text box, a few drop downs, and two buttons. The first button is right below the text box. The purspose of this button is to get what is in the text box, write it to a variable and redisplay the same page, along with a list of what is being typed in the text box. For example, I type in Tomatoes and press Add, and my ASP code reloads the page, and show Tomatoes. And so on...until the user presses the other button, which is a submit button. The submit button takes us to the next page.<BR><BR>THE PROBLEM is that if I am typing in the text box and I press ENTER, then my code loses all its variable values, etc, and loses the list of items. HOWEVER, if I click the Add button it works fine.<BR><BR>Any comments or help would be apprecited.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Marty

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    I don&#039t know if this will help or not, but in Internet Explorer hitting the ENTER key causes the form to submit. The only form field that I know of that does not do this is a TEXTAREA (that is, if the cursor is in a TEXTAREA, then hitting ENTER causes a line break).<BR><BR>It might help if you posted some code.

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