I have a list of skills, that are stored in a table. I popualte a page with that list of skills. I then want to be able to run another select for a user and if they had any information for that skill, that also would show up. i.e.<BR><BR>1. C<BR>2. c++<BR>3. ASP<BR>4. Cold Fusion<BR><BR>now a user may have selected 0, 1 or more of these skills. Correspondong to these, is years used, last used, and proficiency. So if the the user did select asp with 3 years experience, currently used, and master this would show up along with the list.<BR><BR>1. C<BR>2. c++<BR>3. ASP - 3 years - currently used - master<BR>4. Cold Fusion<BR><BR>all other feilds would be blank or have nothing selected in a select box. <BR><BR>I have been trying to figure this one out for some time and am stuck. any information would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>thanks