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    Im trying to figure out how I could write a safe password area.<BR>Now Im using a Session and now The user have to logout to run the Session.Abandon<BR>But if the user just close the Browser then the Session is still there. And I dont whant that.<BR>I thought of something using global.asa but I dont know how it works.<BR><BR>I need some advice...<BR>

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    Default if you're thinking of using

    Session_OnEnd don&#039;t. it rarely calls... it&#039;s one of those things that Micro$oft likes to call a "feature", their nice term for a horrible, horrible bug. the session will go away in a short time, granted, but it doesn&#039;t call the onEnd sub, so don&#039;t rely on it. just rely on the fact that a session has a short life.

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