The setup<BR><BR>I have a set of pages that has to read and write to a folder on a different machine. The folder on the second machine is a shared directory that has permissions set to full control for everyone. The first machine is my web server with IIS 4 installed. I have anonymous access set on this machine with the IUSER_MACHINENAME account.<BR><BR>My problem<BR><BR>When I go to read and write to this shared directory I "sporadically" get permission errors or path not found errors. It does not occure with any degree of regularity. At one point I can access this folder perfectly but 10 seconds later I have permission or path errors and cannot get access back.<BR><BR>Possible Mitigating Factors<BR><BR>I originally had this virtual directory set up with anonymous access disabled with the shared directory as another virtual directory in IIS. I need the "LOGON_USER" server variable which is the reasoning behind the disabling of the anonymous access, but I was no closer to getting access to the files I need.<BR><BR>To get around this my site now starts from a virtual directory that has anonymous access disabled, gets the LOGON_USER value and then submits to the second virtual directory with anonymous access enabled and sets a session variable with the login information. As stated above, this has not proven to be a reliable sollution.<BR><BR>Anyone have any ideas. <BR>I have read a few articles on the microsoft web site which describe the problem and the security tokens involved but I can&#039;t find a sollution that seems to work for me.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>