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    There may be following causes<BR><BR>2. Web is not formed properly<BR>Could be because on the other machine when I click on IIS manager, I get MMC (management console which shows IIS and MTS). but on this machine I don&#039t get I get MTS. I get only IIS and not MMC. I used NT CD to install the IIS though.<BR><BR>3. run scripts property of root directory may not be enabled.<BR>Could you let me know how to do that Pls. <BR>Thank You<BR>nath

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    On the machine that is not showing MTS, go to Console/Add-Remove Snap In. Click the add button, and add the MTS Snap IN.<BR><BR>As for setting the script access, it is either on the Home or Virtual Directory Tab Under Properties, depending on whether you are on the root, or a virtual directory under the root.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry<BR><BR>

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