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Thread: Problem with bound object frame in Access

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    Default Problem with bound object frame in Access

    Hey All,<BR><BR>I have created a database in which each record has its own .gif image. I inserted the object with the "create from file" since the images were created some time ago. The field then shows up as a Package in the table. If I double click it will open the image in my web browser. I then created a form for this table. I dragged the field name onto the form and it automatically created a "bound object frame". When I switch from Design mode<BR>to Form mode I can navigate the records as normal but the image file (inserted as a .gif) is showing up as an Icon rather than displaying the image itself. If I double click it again opens my web browser but I dont want it to do that. I want the image to be displayed in the object frame. When embedding the image I did not check the box "display as icon". Since my boss want to eventually put the catalog on the web I embedded the images rather than linking them. I&#039m not sure what the problem is, I&#039m sure its something simple but I&#039ve looked through my docs and I dont see what it could be. Any and all help is appreciated, thanks everybody!<BR><BR>Justin

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    I&#039m not sure if it accepts .gif format for images.<BR>You might try to convert 1 or 2 images (keep the original .gif ones) into .bmp files (use: Paint, Save as...)<BR>and see if it displays the images.<BR><BR>John Weeflaar

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