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    I have written the following trigger but gives me error at the line where I am trying to assign value to the message variable:<BR><BR>CREATE TRIGGER [NewReservation1] ON [dbo].[RESERVATION] <BR>FOR INSERT<BR>AS<BR>DECLARE @MeetingRoom int,<BR>@Date datetime,<BR>@FromTime numeric,<BR>@ToTime numeric,<BR>@User varchar(50),<BR>@Message varchar(200)<BR>select @MeetingRoom=MeetingRoomId, @Date=ReservationDate, @FromTime=FromTime, @ToTime=ToTime,@User=CreateUser from Reservation where IsNew=&#039;Y&#039;<BR>@Message = &#039;Meeting room &#039; + @MeetingRoom + &#039;is reserved by &#039; + @User + &#039;on &#039; + @Date (this line gives error)<BR>Exec MailReservation<BR>Does anyone know why? Please help

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    Default Use set or select for assignment

    select @Message = &#039;Meeting room &#039; + @MeetingRoom + &#039;is reserved by &#039; + @User + &#039;on &#039; + cast(@Date as varchar(20))<BR><BR>Shouldn&#039;t you use the @message variable as a parameter to the MailReservation procedure?

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