I&#039;m getting the error "Specific Cast is Not Valid" on this statement: objSendingPage = CType(Context.Handler, SMSView)<BR>I have a smsview.aspx page which does a server.transfer("history.aspx"). The code came from 4guysfromrollo, which was a tutorial for passing data from page to page on the server side.<BR><BR>The class in the smsview.aspx page is SMSView<BR><BR>Any idea on what I&#039;m doing wrong?<BR><BR>If Not IsPostBack Then<BR>Dim objSendingPage As SMSView<BR>&#039;get the specid from the sending asp page (smsview)<BR>objSendingPage = CType(Context.Handler, SMSView)<BR>glSpecID = objSendingPage.GetSpecID()<BR>gsMSNumber = objSendingPage.GetMS()