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    Sean Lambert Guest

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    I am trying to run a SELECT statement on my Access databse based on information pulled from select boxes on my form. It is possible for one form field to have the same data as another. However i need the returned recordset to not consider the two same items as one.<BR>for example the constructed SQL statement would be along the lines of..<BR><BR>Select ID from Ingredients where Food = "eggs" AND "Cheese" AND "eggs" etc etc<BR><BR>Now the problem is that the Recordset returned would only return the ID for Eggs once. Is it possible to force the recordset to return the value for each field regardless of whether it has already done so previously ?<BR><BR>I hope that makes sense and thanks<BR><BR>

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    Jason Guest

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    Can you use field=&#039eggs&#039 and field=&#039cheese&#039 and field=&#039eggs&#039

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    Sean Lambert Guest

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    I have tried that and still it creates a recordset with only ONE occurence of that fields ID no matter how many times it actually occurs in the statement !!!

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