Hi all,<BR><BR>Has anyone else noticed the differences in values returned by string comparison in C# and Java?<BR><BR>C#: Java*:<BR><BR>"1".CompareTo("2"): -1 -1<BR>"b".CompareTo("a"): 1 1<BR>"ant".CompareTo("art"): -1 -4<BR>"(".CompareTo("a"): -1 -57<BR>"!".CompareTo("_"): -1 -62<BR><BR>"a".CompareTo("A"): -1 32<BR>"0".CompareTo("_"): 1 -47<BR><BR>*of course, in .compareTo is used in Java, not .CompareTo.<BR><BR>Notice how for the last two, even the sign is different, implying a different concept of lexicographical ordering!<BR><BR>I know Java uses Unicode values. What does C# use?<BR>Is there a way to get the same values out of C#?<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Robin.