Problem with IIS and CDONTS<BR><BR>i have a web server with windows2000server and iis 5<BR>into the iis i have only one ip and many different domains.<BR>i would like to configure e new virtual smtp server for one of the domain (i have just create it on the 2025 port with the name and use it for to send the asp mail only for this domain (<BR><BR>i also try to send the mail with the follow code:<BR><BR>Dim iMsg <BR>Dim iConf <BR>Dim Flds <BR><BR>set iMsg = CreateObject("CDO.Message")<BR>set iConf = CreateObject("CDO.Configuration")<BR><BR>Set Flds = iConf.Fields<BR><BR>With Flds<BR> .Item("") = 2<BR> .Item("") = ""<BR> .Item("") = 2025<BR> .Item("") = 10 <BR> .Update<BR>End With<BR><BR><BR>With iMsg<BR> Set .Configuration = iConf<BR> .To = ""<BR> .From = ""<BR> .Subject = "test"<BR> .HTMLBody = "the text"<BR>End With<BR><BR>iMsg.Send<BR><BR>&#039; Clean up variables.<BR>Set iMsg = Nothing<BR>Set iConf = Nothing<BR>Set Flds = Nothing<BR><BR><BR>it dont work.<BR>the same code work well if i change the follow <BR>.Item("") = 2<BR>into<BR>.Item("") = 1<BR>(send the email via server not via number port)<BR><BR>but it use the default virtual smtp server, not the new one.<BR>can someone help me please?<BR><BR>thanks in advantage,<BR>stefano trezzi