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    Hi everyone, <BR><BR>I know their are lots of email validation scripts out there both Java and VB. What I want to know is how advanced can they be. I have a site that I need total confirmation that an email address exists before creating an account.<BR><BR>I know this is a crude explanation, but is there a way to actually check to see if the physical email address exists on registration. E.g. That pings or checks the domain exists that the users? entered?<BR><BR>Any examples or links to examples on this if it is possible would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>James<BR>

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    Default You could probably ping the domain but

    I don&#039;t know of any way to actually verify it exists short of sending an email there and requiring a reply before creating an account.

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    Default RE: You could probably ping the domain but

    I would looking into an email validation script for instance when they are filling in the form the page builds a code relative to the niformation they are entering or even generates a long random number then has certain personal details. <BR><BR>You email a link to them something like authorise.asp?id=(code you just made)<BR><BR>This code would be in your DB as well. <BR><BR>When they go to this page it runs a script which authorises the account that it matches up to.<BR><BR>That way you know its valid because they replied. Have a cleanup script to remove unvalidated codes once a month / week whatever and just make sure that the code sent to people will be as unique as possible to prevent duplicate codes. <BR><BR>Message boards and the like have been using the above method for donkeys years so it should work for you.

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