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    Could someone please let me know if they encountered this problem on an instance of CreateObject.<BR><BR>I am trying to open a word document and it come back with <BR>the following error.<BR><BR><BR>I start with no applications running and as soon as I postback an error occurs with reponse:<BR><BR>The message filter indicated that the application is busy.<BR><BR>However in my Task Manager it show the WINWORD.EXE as created.<BR><BR>I rebooted and tried again this time using WebForms and stepping throught the code and it seems to crash on the instance of <BR>CreateObject.<BR><BR>It tries to open the Word Application and a few seconds later comes back with the same error message:<BR><BR>The message filter indicated that the application is busy.<BR><BR>Could someone please help in figuring out what could be wrong.<BR><BR>Is there some timing or message buffering that can be done.<BR><BR>I am using the following code:<BR><BR>dim wrd, doc, filepath, filename <BR> <BR>&#039;On Error Resume Next <BR> <BR>Set wrd = CreateObject("Word.Application") &#039;!!! ERROR OCCURS !!!<BR> <BR>With wrd <BR> <BR>&#039; Make sure there is no minimized window created <BR><BR> .Application.Visible = False <BR> <BR>&#039; Add a new document <BR> <BR> .Documents.Add <BR> <BR>filepath = "F:InetpubwwwrootTemp\" <BR>filename = "Test.doc" <BR><BR> &#039; Word Document Format <BR> <BR> .ActiveDocument.SaveAs filepath & filename, 0 <BR> <BR> .ActiveDocument.Close -1 &#039;Save Changes <BR><BR> .Application.Quit <BR><BR>End With<BR><BR>set wrd = Nothing<BR><BR>Any assistance or ideas will be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanx

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    Default RE: Application Busy on CreateObject

    Try Server.CreateObject?

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