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    hello all,<BR><BR>I am doing this for first time & want an idea.<BR>I have developed a Site editor & now i want to sell it.. However i want to provide with licensing.. The user should host only on one server.. I m giving my code also to him..<BR>How should i do this.. How should i keep check of whether he is loading it one or more server. If anyone has any idea or any link which explains me this process, it will be of great help..<BR><BR>thanks all..<BR><BR>

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    Default It depends...

    ...ideally you should combine all your business logic into a DLL and then give that to him. You can just instantiate the DLL from the ASP pages.<BR><BR>That DLL can then have some licensing built in, which he has to return to you for activation (or something)... Or it could "call home" every now and again to tell you where it&#039;s being used...<BR><BR>Basically, if you give him plain ASP, then even if you put in some licensing code, he&#039;s going to be able to delete it and run the ASP without it... If you put it in a DLL then you can stop the DLL from running without a license key...<BR><BR>Craig.

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