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    Ok question, I am trying to have a searchable access db. it searches the values it gets from a form a user fills out. In the form they choose less than which the value is &#060; or greater than which is &#062; or equal to which is =<BR><BR>When i go to the new page i assign the value request.form("fldvalue") to a variable<BR><BR>From there I do a sql search<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM table WHERE <BR><BR>that is where i want to put that value of the variable there to say if it is equal to, greater or less than. But when i do that it gives me an internal 500 error all the time. the only way it works is if i hardcode it in the string<BR><BR>SELECT * FROM table WHERE =/&#062;/&#060;<BR><BR>overall i have it like this<BR><BR> "SELECT * FROM table WHERE fld &#039;"&variable1&"&#039; &#039;"&variable2&"&#039;"<BR><BR>variable 1 is suppose to be the comparison from the fill out form the user chose and variable 2 is the actual value it is comparing against.<BR><BR>Please help hope this makes sense!

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    try this<BR><BR>"SELECT * FROM table WHERE " & variable1 & "=&#039;" & variable2 & "&#039;"<BR><BR><BR>now i did the =<BR><BR><BR>wat you MAY need is LIKE<BR><BR>

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