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    I have a simple network setup just 1 comp with ICS, DNS and it has IIS running on it. I also have run IIS on my other computer. I host my web site off of my ICS computer but am trying to get it setup to run more then 1 site. I have it set up for 2 sites right now, both on my ICS comp 1 on the external IP and one on the internal IP. I also have 1 test site on the comp behind the ICS one. On both computers I can't type in or localhost or the internal network IP to get to the web sites, so some can't be reached at all. THe only site I can see is the one on my external IP. I thought it was the DNS server but I turned it off and I'm still having the problem. Any ideas about what's wrong?

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    turn off all of your sites but one and see if it works.<BR>then do the same for another one and so on until you find out which ones do work and which ones don&#039;t.<BR><BR>your problem is most likely the host header names. the 2 sites that are located on the same machine are fighting over who gets the request.<BR>If you can try deleting all sites except for the default and see if it works.<BR><BR>Also read the post about host header names.<BR>

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