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    Hey guys,<BR><BR> I&#039;m guessing that the &#039;me&#039; operator in VBScript is used to reference a class&#039;s properties/methods from within the class, like so:<BR><BR> Class blah<BR> public m_blahzay<BR> public sub Class_Initialize()<BR> me.m_blahzay = "more blah"<BR> End Sub<BR> End Class<BR><BR>Sort of like what the &#039;this&#039; operator is for PHP or C/C++. But I cannot find ANY documentation on this evasive operator! I even downloaded the Windows Script Technologies Documentation from Microsoft and scoured the VBScript Reference... nothing. I was hoping someone could confirm my guess. Actually, I guess I&#039;m even more curious if anyone has even heard of it!<BR><BR> Thanks

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    Default Is that not working?

    Almost looks like it should.<BR><BR>Yeah, they evade the "Me" keyword in VBS&#039; documentation. Your best bet is to probably peruse the VB 6 documentation on it.

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    Default You are correct...

    ...and I have to admit that the only place I found it documented, at all, is in a list of error messages, where it is noted that you can&#039;t use "Me" with Set because "Me" is a keyword!<BR><BR>But yes, many of use have used it. Yes, it works.<BR><BR>

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