Error in row on add/update?

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Thread: Error in row on add/update?

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    Default Error in row on add/update?

    Getting an "error in row" error when adding new record? Any ideas? <BR>Error is on objrs.update line<BR>Dim objRS<BR> Set objRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR> objRS.CursorLocation = adUseServer<BR> objRS.CursorType = adOpenKeySet<BR> objRS.LockType = adLockPessimistic<BR> <BR> objRS.Open "tblContacts", objConn, , , adCmdTable<BR> objRS.AddNew<BR> objRS("Address")=Request.Form("Address")<BR> objRS("City")=Request.Form("City")<BR> objRS("State")=Request.Form("State")<BR> objRS("Zip")=Request.Form("Zip")<BR> objRS.Update &#060;&#060;&#060;&#060; Errors right here &#062;&#062;&#062;&#062;<BR> <BR> ObjRS.Close<BR> Set ObjRS = Nothing<BR> <BR> Response.Redirect<BR>

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    Default Bad doublepost!

    Try changing your cursor type, or using an UPDATE statement and leaving the cursor alone... If I remember correctly, the method youre using to add a recordset works for client side cursors and batch updates only... <BR><BR>A shot in the dark

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