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    If I use some ADO code that runs a SQL Stored Procedure that looks like...<BR><BR> SELECT<BR> instid,<BR> relationship<BR> FROM ahadb.dbo.instaha<BR> WHERE instid = @ID<BR><BR> IF @@ROWCOUNT = 0<BR> BEGIN<BR> INSERT INTO ahadb.dbo.instaha<BR> ( <BR> instid,<BR> ahacd,<BR> relationship<BR> )<BR> VALUES<BR> (<BR> @ID, <BR> @AHAID,<BR> @REL<BR> )<BR> END<BR> ELSE<BR> BEGIN<BR> RETURN 1<BR><BR> END<BR><BR>How in my ASP code can I check to see if the SProc returned "1"..?<BR><BR>Or is there a better way to do this..? I&#039;m open for options...<BR>

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    You can create an output parameter and return the 1 that way, then read it off the parameters collection.

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