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    Default excel application object cleanup

    I have an application where users send .xls files to the server (IIS 4) which are processed by opening an excel application object on the web server. The problem is that if there is an error on the page, the excel object is not destroyed and eventually crashes the server. <BR><BR>In the offending page, I have an on error resume next statement in the processing function and cleanup code at the bottom of the function. My rationale being that all errors will be ignored and the function will execute until the cleanup code is encountered. The excel object would then be destroyed and inconvenient server re-boots would be avoided.<BR><BR>However, it does not work. Does anyone have any tips on how to reliably clean up out of process servers on IIS 4?<BR><BR>Your help is majorly appreciated.

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    Default That's the problem with out of process

    apps.... once you launch them, you really don&#039;t have any control over &#039;em.<BR><BR>You could run a VBS program that "kills" the running apps from time to time... or you could add a function that you can automate from inside excel that has it commit suicide.

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    Default Do they have treatement for that?

    Clinically depressed productivity applications?<BR><BR><BR>Just curious.

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