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    &nbsp;<BR>Hi there,<BR><BR>I recently converted my sql server 7 database down to access (via an xml document) and have been having a few problems. After sorting out date formats and some other issues I managed to get the site working ok. <BR><BR>Sometimes though I get the error &#039;too few parameters: expected 1&#039;. I know this usually points to SQL query syntax but the appearance of this error is seemingly random as 80% of the time the page will work fine with exactly the same post data and under exactly the same conditions.<BR><BR>It is as if the database has decided that it would be nice to change a column name once in a while?!?<BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>Patrick

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    No....It&#039;s a parameter that you&#039;re passing to the SQL statement. <BR><BR>So...What variable isn&#039;t being populated 20% of the time?

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