Hello,<BR>This is my first Post to this messageboard. I hope someone out there can clarify things for me, i hope my knowwledge in asp will be sufficient to help ou out there too.<BR><BR>When i&#039;m using this component to retrieve information about the browser more specific i want to know if the browser is cookie enables or disabled<BR>code : <BR>Set obj= Server.CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType")<BR>if obj.Cookies then<BR>Response.Write "cookies enabled"<BR>else<BR>Response.Write "cookies disabled"<BR>end if<BR>When i upload my page to a webserver (on the internet), it alwaye returns me a TRUE even if i block all my cookies (IE internet options privacy settings).<BR>i have read some thngs about this component and it seems to make use of a browscap.ini file present on the webserver.<BR>Making use of the information Browser en version inside the HTTP-header it looks for a corresponding type and version in that file, if not found it uses a default.<BR>Questions :<BR>is this file also present when the web server is running on a unix server making use of chilisoft ?????<BR>does the component make use of the settings specified in the browscap.ini file ????<BR>if so does this mean the component does not take in account the settings specified inside the IE settings on the client machine, and only follows the settings specified inside the browscap.ini file ?????<BR>If this is wright the component does not seem to be a 100% sure way to perform these kind of checks, because it does ot take in account the personal settings by the visitor ??<BR><BR>Can someone clarify those things to me, because i guess there should be something i&#039;m missing here ????<BR><BR>thx<BR>xtof<BR>