Hi all !<BR>I&#039;m trying to do this :<BR><BR>sub ImportFileToWord(fn,ncols,nrows,doctitle,filteredl ist)<BR> dim w,doc,rng,n,s<BR><BR> on error resume next<BR> set w=createobject("word.application")<BR> n=err.number: s=err.description<BR> on error goto 0<BR> if n&#060;&#062;0 then<BR> document.write(n)<BR> exit sub<BR> end if<BR><BR>It works perfectly on windows nt 4.0 machines where office 97 is installed, but i get error where the client is windows 2k. It says error number: 429 Activex component can&#039;t create object!<BR>Please healp me with this problem, i have to solve it.<BR>So how can i startup word if the client is win2k ?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance !<BR>