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    Am I correct in assuming the following?<BR><BR>Rs.close and Set rs=nothing commands are only required if records have been retrieved from the database by the asp page. <BR><BR>Whereas if the page is only adding, deleting or updating database records, it is just the Conn.close and Set Conn=nothing commands that should be used.<BR>

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    Default Correct, but... point of fact, except for a very minor loss in performance (which surely can&#039;t matter, if you are stuck using an Access DB in the first place), you don&#039;t really *need* to close any connection or recordset or set the variables to nothing.<BR><BR>Yes, in 1998 or so, there were bugs in ASP that could eat memory if you didn&#039;t. They were long gone by 2000. Probably by early 1999.<BR><BR>

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