I&#039;m trying to get ssl to work on my website. <BR>I downloaded a key and it&#039;s installed properly. However, you still can&#039;t get to the site when you type https and I required ssl. I looked at some articles and they all stress to make sure the sspifilt.dll loaded.<BR> I noticed that it was loaded on the server properties of isapi filters but when I go to properties of the default web site the arrow is down and red. I tried to reinstall and restart the machine but always it&#039;s down. I get a error in the event viewer which might be the issue but I&#039;m stuck. Here&#039;s the error<BR> &#039;An attempt was made to load filter <BR>&#039;C:WINNTsystem32inetsrvsspifilt.dll&#039; <BR> on a server instance<BR> but it requires the <BR>SF_NOTIFY_READ_RAW_DATA <BR>filter notification so it must be loaded as a global filter. &#039;. <BR>Any help appreciated. Thanks so much.