Could one of you guys please help me.<BR><BR>I am having a excruciating time trying to open a MS Word document from ASP.NET and it keeps coming back with "Access Denied".<BR><BR>It works fine from normal ASP!<BR><BR>I am using WebForms to create the aspx pages.<BR><BR>I have set the permissions in MSWord for (MyComputerName)ASPNET to Modify and it still complains.<BR><BR><BR>I tried:<BR><BR>1.<BR><BR>Dim MyObject As Object<BR><BR>MyObject = Server.CreateObject("Word.Application")<BR><BR><BR >2.<BR><BR>Dim WordObj As New Word.Application()<BR><BR>Dim WordDoc As New Word.Document()<BR><BR>WordDoc = WordObj.Documents.Open(Filename)<BR><BR>This code is fine in VB.NET.<BR><BR>3.<BR>... And when things got desperate I even created a dll.<BR>Once again it worked in ASP but not ASP.NET<BR><BR><BR>If someone had similar problems and has a solution or possibly has another way of accessing MSWord please let me know.<BR><BR>Any feedback will be appreciated.<BR><BR>