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    Please note: I posted this question in the normal ASP Q&A, but haven&#039;t gotten a response. Also, last time I posted this question, it took a few days to get a I suppose this is more advanced, so I&#039;m posting here...I posted a few weeks ago but am still having difficulties trying to access a page on my server from work. I can load the page and use basic authentication from other locations, but not here at work (we are behind proxy server w/ firewall if that is pertinent). <BR><BR>When I load the page, it is supposed to force authentication using a login prompt showing login id, password, and domain; however, when I load it from work, it doesn&#039;t get to that, it just spits out the error : <BR>"Login failed due to server configuration. <BR>This is usually caused by a server-side script not sending the proper WWW-Authenticate header field. Using Active Server Pages scripting this is done by using the AddHeader method of the Response object to request that the client use a certain authentication method to access the resource" <BR><BR>I added the following code to my page, as was suggested to me... <BR>" <BR>&#060;%option explicit <BR>response.clear <BR>response.addheader "WWW-Authenticate","NTLM" <BR>%&#062; <BR>" <BR><BR>This didn&#039;t help. Please offer any suggestions..thanks

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    If you are in a Lan,<BR>Go to Internet Explorer options and bypass the proxy<BR><BR>Go to internet options then connection then lan settings then check the bypass checkbox

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