Last week, we were about to start replacing some web-based Crystal Reports with a solution that uses the MS Office Web Component spreadsheet (client-side), getting data fed from an ASP-based URL hitting an Oracle back end. Our server started crashing, and I&#039;ve attempted to replicate the site locally to test in more detail. On the test site, all sorts of screwy behavior is going on: one report will successfully access its data and format the spreadsheet, a nearly identical one will sometimes get the data and sometimes not, but always give me a client-side error "cannot get the data from the URL...". I&#039;ve tried everything I can think of: checking the data URL for validity (OK), checking ownership of the data and spreadsheet URL&#039;s (same owner, same domain as specified in the docs and the MS Press book). What am I doing wrong? Is there a server security thing or two that I&#039;m missing? It&#039;s running on NT4 SP6, not sure of the version of IIS.<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Jim Stanley<BR>Jacobs Engineering Group<BR>Pasadena CA <BR>jim-dot-stanley1-at-jacobs-dot-com