Hi all,<BR><BR>received plenty of help on this board b4, but here we go again.... :-)<BR><BR>I am retrieveing data (in 72 byte chunks - don&#039;t ask, it&#039;s a legacy DB on DB2 OS/390) and the codepage conversion is working fine from EBCDIC to ASCII.<BR><BR>When I output the data to a page with response.write the formatting is spot on (i.e. all X&#039;20&#039; bytes actually respond as if they are a space, as they should). However, sometimes, and this is the bizzare behaviour, when the DB data is returned into a TEXTAREA (i.e. for an "update", rather than a "browse" function), spurious amounts of the X&#039;20&#039;s re-act as if they are a CRLF (or another duff character), but when you output the HEX value of the byte next to the CHR value of the byte it is a HEX 20 !!!!<BR><BR>Please help :-) Is this a bug (known or not) with TEXTAREA processing?<BR><BR>Cheers in advance,<BR><BR>TMM<BR>