Hi <BR>I have a script that does 3 things: <BR>1)adds new user and email and generated password to my mdb <BR>2)generates a randon password <BR>3)auto mails the user username and password. <BR>I have created session variables at the start of the script for the username, email and password, and use these session variables to add the username and password and email address to the email. My problem is that the password it sends out is always the first ever generated. If i change the code to call the GeneratePass(10) function it issues a second new password - different to the new password in the mdb. If i call the <BR>objrs(pswd) it works perfectly the first time and after that i get <BR>error &#039;80020009&#039; <BR>Exception occurred. <BR>/reg.asp, line 312 <BR>I know the error is coming from the objrs in the email, but i can&#039;t work out what I should put there instead. <BR>I posted this msg earlier today and was advised to create<BR>strWord = objRS("Password")<BR>I already had this in my code but it was follwed by <BR>Session("Pass") = strWord<BR>I got rid of thseswsion variable and now am getting an error:<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039;800a000d&#039; <BR><BR>Type mismatch <BR><BR>/reg.asp, line 247 <BR><BR>Can anyone help me?