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Thread: Stopping empty dbase entries

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    Somehow people are able to enter blank entries (a couple of spaces and nothing else) into the email address field of my dbase (which can screw up my mailing). This, despite the fact that<BR><BR>1) The field doesnt allow nulls<BR>2) I trim the entries before inserting them <BR>3) If theres a space in the string I tell them to remove them<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR>

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    1 & 2. Any empty string is not "null".<BR><BR>Is there a reason you don&#039;t check for this<BR>in your APS code?<BR><BR> if Trim(sEmail) = "" then<BR> response.write "you are a moron"<BR> else<BR> SaveMyRecord<BR> end if<BR>

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