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    Is there any way to authenticate users including a "remember me" function without using cookies? I ask because cookies require Javascript and 10% of web users have Javascript turned OFF.<BR><BR>Also, I&#039;m guessing the "remember me" feature isn&#039;t going to be feasible without Javascript. So what alternatives are there to just the authentication?<BR><BR>I&#039;ve looked into querystrings but then you have to pass the user information around from page to page, which is a hassle.<BR><BR>Thanks for the advice.

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    You can use <BR><BR>session("username") = strUsername<BR><BR>To carry information around.<BR><BR>strUsername could come from a database, a form, an ASP cookie.<BR><BR>Remember using javascript is only 1 of the few way of baking a cookie. You can use meta tags or ASP to place cookies too. I&#039;m sure you could use a whole host of other languages too.<BR><BR>

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