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    Our ASP Pages write to the database.<BR>And our backend Engine needs to do some simulation based on the database.<BR><BR>I want to notify the Engine when the database changes.<BR>That is if i have just added an entry in the database, I need<BR>to notify the Engine that an entry has changed.<BR><BR>I was thinking of writing a COM object which does the actual triggering and the ASP page calls the COM object to trigger the Engine once it is done adding an entry in the database.<BR><BR>My colleague is suggesting that he can create a simple program (.exe) which all it does is trigger the Engine that a change has taken place in the database.<BR><BR>How should I do this?<BR>Really Appreciate anyone&#039s input on this.<BR>Thank You in Advance.<BR><BR>Tammy

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    What type of database are you using? i will assume its a commercial grade database (Oracle, SQL Server, etc...) why not use a Trigger in the database, set the trigger to fire when something changes or is added, perhaps it could notify the backend engine itself, or you could create an extended stored procedure that could do it (That the trigger would call). I am no expert in databases, but it seems that if you go direct from the database to the Engine it will perform better. hope i was of some help. <BR><BR>Scott

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