Extracting CSV using ASP.

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Thread: Extracting CSV using ASP.

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    Default Extracting CSV using ASP.

    How do I extract 2 values contained in a CSV (comma separated values) field in a Access database so they can then be displayed separately on a page using ASP?

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    Dim arrayCSV<BR>arrayCSV = Split(objRS("FieldName"),",")<BR>&#039;splits the field value at the comma...<BR>then, the values are extracted like this...<BR>say field is this "ASP,C#,.Net"<BR>arrayCSV(0) = "ASP"<BR>arrayCSV(1) = "C#"<BR>arrayCSV(2) = ".Net"<BR><BR>sincerely,<BR><BR>Klooj_it<BR>ht tp://www.dictionary.com/search?q=Kludge

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