Won't serve ASP pages (HTML pages work fine)

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Thread: Won't serve ASP pages (HTML pages work fine)

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    Default Won't serve ASP pages (HTML pages work fine)

    Hi - I am authenticating pages on my site via IIS 5. The authentication works for my *.html pages, but not *.asp pages. The system brings up the "Enter Network Password" window where it asks for my username, password and domain name. I enter my username and password, but the system does not open the page; it just brings the window back. The window is displayed a total of 3 times, and then I get the message "Error: Access is Denied." By the way, if I use my Administrator password, I am able to get to both *.html and *.asp pages. Obviously, I can&#039;t give my users Administrator privileges, and when I tested my code with non-Administrator user accounts, I got the error described above. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.<BR><BR><BR>Kasidy

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    Default Sounds like...

    that web folder doesn&#039;t have browse permissions. That only registered users (ie. domain admins) have browse access. You need to get your network administrator to change the security settings.

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    Default What authentication do you have set up?

    Open your ISM and check if the web folder has execute permissions <BR><BR><BR>

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