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    the Datagrid can do alot of things that i would love to utilize.<BR>but i am creating a e-commerce website, and i need to display images so i am using the datalist instead.<BR>my question is whether all the datagrid functionality that i need will work on datalist.<BR>for instance limiting the results to ten per page. and having a next 10 results button that will display the next 10.<BR>i only ask because i have been reading almost every article i can find and no one mentions this.<BR>thank you for your help.

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    the DataList doesn&#039;t have the built in paging capabilities that the DataGrid has. is it possible to implement paging techniques with the datalist? yes. will it be fun? no. the DataGrid is VERY flexible in how data is displayed. i&#039;d look more closely into the item templates for the datagrid. i&#039;m sure it could get the job done for ya.

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