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    I&#039;m using code to check the existence of a record before adding it.<BR><BR>ssql = "if exists(select &#039;true&#039; from table where field=12345) <BR> begin select 0 end <BR>else <BR> begin select 1 insert into table (field) (12345) end"<BR><BR>on error resume next<BR>set rs = cn.execute(sSql)<BR>if cn.Errors.count &#060;&#062; 0 then<BR> call ErrRoutine <BR>end if<BR><BR><BR>If the insert fails for any reason, like a permission problem, I don&#039;t get the error. If I put the insert first and then the select, I get the error. How can I tell if the second statement has an error?

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    Are you using an RDBMS where you can build stored procedures? You may want to consider using a stored proc for this. But, it looks like you are executing an &#039;exists&#039; command that is always returning false. Can you show the exact parameters you are using for this statement, or is this exactly how you are executing the statement?

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