Here&#039s the situtation.<BR><BR>Security is a big issue, of course, so our firewall only has one port open to allow our webserver to access our DB2 OS/390 Mainframe. And the webserver IP is the only IP that is allowed to submit information to the Mainframe.<BR><BR>There is a COBOL program that runs in CICS and monitors the one open port, when a special command is sent to this port, the COBOL program kicks in performs DB2 Selects and spits out what you want to the IP of the Webserver.<BR><BR>So, I want to setup a form that a user can enter and submit, then have the server receive that text, then the server can send it to the mainframe (via the one port using Winsock) to the COBOL program, which will be used to update our DB2 tables.<BR><BR>I know this may sound like a round-about way of doing things, but we have other applications that successfully access and update our DB2 tables using Visual Basic with Winsock.<BR><BR>In short, I need to use Server Side Processing to send data via TCP/IP to our DB2 OS/390 Mainframe. Any help, or insight is appreciated.<BR><BR>Tristan Putman<BR>