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    I am in the process of making an MS Access database web-enabled. The Access functionality that automatically converts forms etc. into ASP files generates a whole load of VBScript as part of the files produced. Unfortunately, the client;s &#039;browser of choice&#039; is Netscape, which completely ignores the VBScript.<BR><BR>I was wondering if I had any options other than to:<BR>a) Convert all the VBScript to JavaScript by hand (which would be quite a big job, and would also make the code far harder to maintain); or<BR>b) Just insist that users view the database using Internet Explorer (which all their machines will have as part of the standard build).<BR><BR>Even if we do insist on IE, we envisaged providing links to the Access database from the project home page, which users will generally be viewing in Netscape. Does anyone know of any way of forcing a hyperlinked page to open in IE (assuming that browser lives in a standard location on all client PCs or that they will all have a desktop shortcut)?<BR><BR>Thank you!<BR>Una<BR>

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    Default Unfortunately.

    No and No.<BR><BR>You can&#039;t force a browser type (other than to make a message saying that they must have a particular browser), otherwise MS would have won the browser war a lot quicker than they did...<BR><BR>As for converting it, I am unaware of any program which will automatically do it. Also - do you trust a machine to do it?! I certainly don&#039;t.<BR><BR>I think that you need to actually do some of the coding. Oh well. Life sucks sometimes.<BR><BR>Craig.

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